Meet the Hosts | Series Launch

Two chicks with questions...

Cindy and Gina have led NextGen and Children’s ministry at churches in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee and Colorado (collectively, of course).

Needless to say. There’s some experience in this conversation.

And in all that experience, there is one thing that never changes. They have questions.

Some questions are easy to ask. Those aren’t the questions we tackle here.

In this space, Cindy and Gina want to join leaders like you to lean into the conversations that are harder to tackle.

But, in the words of Fred Rogers,

If it’s mentionable, it’s manageable.

Would you join us?

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About Cindy


Cindy is a gifted, visionary leader, a passionate speaker, who lives to see life transformation in people.

Cindy believes the church has the most potential to transform people and communities.  For over a decade and a half, Cindy’s led ministries in strategic ways to implement intentional environments where everyone’s welcome. Her mandate is to reach more people, in more places.

For the past 14 years Cindy has served as a pastor to kids and families at local churches She currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Resound Church in Denver, CO.  Cindy’s a gifted speaker with a deep love of the scripture, paired with practical, everyday application.  She speaks in a variety of platforms, including local weekend services, conferences, workshops and events.

Cindy and her husband, John live in northern Colorado.  They have a growing family of five grown kids, and six grandchildren that they love to spend time with.  She’s a sucker for a good challenge, good coffee and good food with friends.

The Mission:  Equip leaders and teams to impact a 1000 generations.

About Gina

Author | Blogger | Ministry Coach

Gina is a seasoned team builder who loves partnering with leaders, unlocking their talents and equipping them with the right tools to lead in ministry.

She has the most fun using creative tactics to teach, coach and inspire teams to work together toward a common goal.

Gina communicates from a variety of platforms including conferences, workshops, team retreats and events.

She can be bribed with a good cup of coffee and heady conversation. She can neither confirm nor deny a secret dream of being a radio DJ host. 

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