Author: Gina McClain

Parenting in Ministry | Episode 004

We all know “that” kid.

But what if we’re the ministry leader and OUR kids is “that” kid? Parenting in ministry can be hard. Parenting in a fishbowl creates it’s own challenges.

We loved this conversation with Jim Johnson and Paul Basden.

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Single In Ministry | Episode 003

Leading out of who you are… not who others expect you to be.

What makes it so hard to be single and in vocational ministry? Are you a liability? Are you incomplete in your ‘season of singleness’?

Find out what Ashley and Kellen have experienced as they are single in ministry.

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Diversity | Episode 001

We’re talking diversity. In this gritty conversation these leaders get honest and real about the impact of racism in their life and what we can do to bridge the divide.

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