Let's Talk Diversity

Whose problem is it, anyway?

Today’s episode is a gritty conversation with ministry leaders, Paula Dannielle and Phyllis Nyung.

Leaders who have led in the trenches and have stories to tell. Within the group, we rep 4 different states, very different churches, and 3 different shades of melatonin.

Listen in on the experiences of two very graceful, sharp, and witty women who tell it like it is.

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About Paula

Paula is from Phoenix, Arizona.  Paula holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Arizona State and Emory University, respectively. 

She is the founder of Purpose Over Rules, a ministry development firm that helps churches create functional and fruitful family ministries.  Paula is also a regular speaker and writer for the Orange.  

She resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and serves at Forest Hill Church as the Family Ministry Director (NoDa campus) and provides leadership to their summer day camp initiative. 

Paula’s favorite times are spent watching WWE and Law & Order: SVU while snuggling on the couch with her three gorgeous daughters:  Chayil Destiny, Charity Joy, and Cherish Faith. 

About Phyllis

Phyllis Myung is currently the Next Generation Ministry director at Highrock Church in Acton, MA.

Since she was in high school, she has been an active volunteer for vacation Bible schools, Sunday school and other children’s programming. She has always had a great passion for families, youth and children.

She is not only an advocate for families and children, but also for mental health in communities of color and for racial righteousness and justice. 

When she’s not dreaming big about how children and youth are going to change the world, you will find her catching up on the latest T.V. shows and movies, searching for the best burger in town, writing/blogging and spending time with friends and family.

Tweetable Thoughts


Is diversity simply a black and white issue? Listent to Paula & Phyllis’ thoughts.


“After Covid hit, I realized once again I’m always going to be ‘other’. I look different on the outside… I’m not recognized as an American. I’m recognized as a foreigner…”  -Phyllis


Why is diversity a hard thing to address when we’re in crisis? 


“The community you are with influences how you think.” -Paula


“Who is the friend that don’t look like you… that you can have honest conversation with?” -Paula


“I always ask my white friends to and do some of that work before you come and have a conversation with me because sometimes that can help inform and guide conversation.” -Phyllis


It’s not just about the individual that was made in God’s image but it is the collective humankind that was made in God’s image. So any part of God’s image that’s hurting… affects all of us…” -Phyllis

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