Married to Ministry

Or married to your spouse?

That’s a hard reality to wrestle through.

Ministry in the best!  It’s also a four-letter word:  HARD.

And being married and in ministry can sometimes take a toll.

In this episode we dissect this important topic with Steve and Debbie Wilson and…. our very own husbands.

What do you do when you and your spouse hit a marital pothole?

Listen in as we talk about our own stories and how we’ve learned to be married, and not to ministry.

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About the Wilson’s

In 1990 after 12 years of marriage, 12 years of ministry and 3 children, our marriage hit a wall.  We had 2 choices: either walk away and divorce or dig our heels in and figure out how to have a great marriage, one that God intended when He created marriage.  Was it easy?  Absolutely not! 

However, we persevered and came out better on the other side.  After we worked hard to forgive and communicate in a healthy way, God gave us a passion for other marriages. 

In 2007 we began a marriage ministry called “Marriage Matters Now”.  We have traveled all over the world teaching on marriage to help grow healthy strong marriages based on God’s word.  There is no greater joy than to serve the Lord together to help couples realize there is HOPE for your marriage. 

Never give up…God is a restorer, redeemer and reminder of His covenant that is not broken.

About the McClain’s

Kyle & Gina have been married for 26 years. Have three kids: Keegan (21), Josie (18), and Connor (14).

Gina has served on various local church staffs since 1999, while Kyle has served as a volunteer leader as a coach to group leaders and leading/moderating online worship services. All while keeping up with a career in business and technology.

They have learned a lot about loving each other through the ups and downs ministry can bring.

About the Fiala’s

John and Cindy live in Frederick, CO with their two dogs Noah and Gus.  John works in the aerospace industry and Cindy is the Executive Pastor at Resound Church Denver. 

Together they have three grown kids and six grandkids that they’re stupid in love with. 

They believe in the grace of second chances and live that out in their lives and through their marriage every day.  They have a passion to see marriages flourish and thrive.

Tweetable Thoughts


If we look back when we got married, we jumped into ministry more than we jumped into marriage.


We knew our marriage was starting to disconnect… so what we did was we just got busier.


How do you manage time together when your schedule seems to conflict with your spouses?


Where do strong marriages in the church begin?

Connect with great resources.

Find the resources mentioned in the conversation.

Every Marriage Hits a Wall

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