Single in Ministry | Episode 003

Leading out of who you are... not who others expect.

What makes it so hard to be single and in vocational ministry? 

Are you a liability? Are you incomplete in your ‘season of singleness’?

What are the micro-biases that exist for singles in ministry? And how do we need to change?

Whether you’re single in ministry, leading someone who’s single in ministry or know someone who’s single ministry… you want to listen and share this conversation with Ashley Bohinc and Kellen Moore. 

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About Ashley

Ashley Bohinc serves as the Director of Middle School Strategies at Orange, is a panelist on the Rethinking Youth Ministry Podcast, co-authored The Art of Group Talk for Teenage Girls, and serves as the Executive Director of Carry 117, a ministry in Ethiopia which focuses on orphan prevention and family preservation by empowering women. 

Known for her energy, passion, and authenticity, Ashley is a motivator, teacher, strategist, leader, learner, writer, advocate, and adventurer. 

In her downtime, you’ll find her watching Friends, traveling around the world, sorting through her massive collection of army green vests and jackets, or on one of her Fairytale Friday Adventures.

About Kellen

Kellen Moore is a leader, speaker, host, and the Next Gen Pastor at Our City Church in Corona, CA.

Kellen has pastored in full-time student and children’s ministry for nearly a decade and desires to grow the local church for many more years to come.

He continues to partner with Orange at Orange Conference, Camp KidJam, Orange Tour, Orange Kids Podcast, and The So & So Show!

When Kellen isn’t developing kids, students, leaders, and parents, you can catch him at the movies or making life one big dance party!


Tweetable Thoughts


“I have a passion for seeing the church do a better job of integrating singles in ministry and in the church and how cultures changed and like how the church needs to change in response” -Ashley Bohinc


I just want to encourage you to keep keep listening. I feel like this conversation is for
everybody. This isn’t just for single people. -Ashley Bohinc


I’ve experienced kind of being treated as a liability being single in ministry. -Ashley Bohinc


“It’s like there’s an assumption that everybody wants to be married. Or that if you’re not married yet, especially as you get into your 30’s, that you’re angry about it.” -Ashley Bohinc


If I didn’t move back to my home town and work at my home church. I don’t think I would have been taken as seriously out the gate. -Kellen Moore

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